Seeds of the Past for Our Future

Gardeners and farmers have been saving seeds from the harvest to replant the next year since time began, however over the last 50 years this has become increasingly difficult to do. Four multinational giants now own the rights to 90% of the worlds seeds and the biodiversity of the worlds food supply is rapidly being depleted. If you save the seeds from these companies seeds or even if you grow seeds that get cross pollinated by a neighbor growing their seed you not only don’t want to save the seed for the next season, but it is actually illegal for you to do so and they can seize your crop and sue you. What!!! Your thinking. I did not grow their crop, but rather it was contaminated by them. Doesn’t matter. The courts in Canada and the US have sided with these companies many times setting a horrible precedence.

Taking all the above out of the equation most commercial varieties of food crops are bred for storage rather than flavour, whereas most heirloom varieties as well as some hybrids have been bred for flavour.

We have sourced some of the best heirloom and hybrid varieties from reputable growers so you can grow these wonderful crops yourselves. Most come from organic sources and although you can’t save seed from the hybrids (hybrid is a crossing of two known parent varieties and the seed saved from these won’t breed true) you can and should save some seeds from the open pollinated varieties. These are the same seeds we grow in our gardens and greenhouses and we love them. We even have a template below for a seed packet for you to store your saved seeds in. Be sure to check out our seeds page and order the ones you want soon as supplies are limited for this growing season.



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