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The Truth about Cast Iron

So as I was trying to do a little research for our upcoming podcast I came across this little ditty on the 7 myths about Cast Iron: ” http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/11/the-truth-about-cast-iron.html” and while I do agree with most of the points I would still caution against using soap in cast iron while cleaning. Cast iron is porous and while this is a great thing for holding heat and the pan seasoning it also means it is easy for it to absorb soap as it cools and pass that flavour back into your food as it reheats. Other that that this article is excellent and everyone that likes to cook should read it.

A Cool (actually Hot) House 

Family wraps home in greenhouse to warm up Stockholm weather – YouTube


If you watch this video and are into Alternate Housing and/or Saving Energy you will find it very interesting and it will get your brain cranking with possibilities. As I watched this I couldn’t help think that it was a great idea, but it did bring up a lot of questions as well. They used security glass in the greenhouse’s construction which makes sense from a safety perspective, but from an economic perspective this would price it out of most people’s budgets. Why not use something like poly-carbonate panels instead as they are way cheaper.  If you planned on building it in someplace like the Canadian prairies you would have to add supplemental heating to it as well if you wanted to use it year round. A good solution to this might be geothermal heating. This might be perfect for a tiny house setup as you could buy a greenhouse kit and put your tiny house inside? If nothing else this idea gets your thinking going on ways that you can live comfortably for less money.
Thoughts on Energy
While we’re on the subject of saving energy I was thinking of all the different forms of Alternative energy and how one goes about picking what is right for them. There are many different energy sources available and they are way to entailed for me to try to go into in detail here, but I encourage everyone to do some research before they settle on just one option. Personally I plan on using several different sources in my system once it  is all said and done and am just waiting until I have the cash to get a battery bank together. No matter what you decide upon as your sources make sure you go into it with reasonable expectations as to often I’ve seen people choose one source and then get upset when they don’t have the power they were expecting.
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