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40+ Practical Forgotten or Maligned Skills

40+ Practical Forgotten or Maligned Skills

There are more skills that have been forgotten to mankind than new ones created and many newer skills are often maligned by those that do not understand them. We will try to focus on skills practical to the Homesteader, Prepper, Outdoorsman, and Frugal inclined. Some of these skills can be picked up quickly, while others will take time to get good at. Some skills may be practical only to a few, but each person will have to decide that for themselves. This list will grow as time goes on, but this is a good start. If you have any topics you would like to see covered feel free to send us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

Household Skills

Cooking with and caring for Cast Iron

Sharpening knives

Soap Making

Candle Making

Long term food Storage

  1. Canning
  2. Pressure Canning
  3. Water Bath Canning
  4. Steam Canning
  5. Freezing
  6. Drying
  7. Fermenting

Metal Working
Basic Sheet metal Fabrication
Building a Forge
Knife Making
Forge Welding
Building a Wind Turbine
Making Fuel Alcohol
Making Bio-Diesel
Biogas Digester Construction
Building a Biomass Gasifier
Basic 12/24 volt Power Systems
Building a Battery Bank

Farming and Gardening
Livestock for the Urban Homesteader/Prepper
Fruit Tree Pruning
Grafting Basics
Gardening in small spaces

Making your own Beer
Making your own Wine
Distilling Spirits
The information contained in here is for information only as it is illegal in most jurisdictions to distill alcohol for consumption without a license

Industrial Arts
Basic Small Engine Tune up and Repairs
Making your own tools and implements (Build it Better Yourself)
Converting 110 volt AC appliances to 12 volt DC
Restoring older equipment for use around the Homestead
Building a 3D printer and CNC

Hunting and Gathering

Foraging for Mushrooms
Putting Wild Meat on the table
Foraging for wild edibles
Trapping for meat

Finances and Frugality
Basic Bookkeeping
Setting a budget

Sewing and needlecraft
Sewing Leather

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
Internet Options

Rantings of a Mad Man

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