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Mad Meikles Podcast 21 Biofuels Primer

In this episode the mad ones discuss biofuel production in very basic terms. Not since the Second World War has there been such an interest world wide in biofuel production as an alternative to conventional fossil fuels.  The US government through the Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA) has even developed a gasifier that is easy to build in an emergency and it can be downloaded here. One thing to note on this gasifier is that it isn’t very efficient and produces lots of tar so very good filtration is needed.

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Mad Meikles Podcast 20 Grilling and BBQ

Spring is here and time to dust off the grill and bbq. In this episode Sheane and Heath discuss Grilling, BBQing, and Smoking. Dust off your grill, dig out your favourite recipe and get your cook on.   Subscribe to the podcast below and know immediately when the latest episode is ready. Be sure to… Continue Reading

Mad Meikles Podcast 18 Urban Farming

Winter doldrums getting you down? High price of fresh green sucking your wallet dry? Time to start growing you own fresh greens indoors. In this episode the guys talk about growing all things green from micro-greens to Swiss chard and lettuce. Drive those doldrums away and at the same time relieve some of the pressure… Continue Reading

Mad Meikles Podcast 17 Rabbits

In this Episode the Mad ones discuss raising and butchering rabbits. Sheane also introduces his new ebook on rabbits. Rabbits are one of the most versatile animals to raise in both an urban and rural homestead and hopefully this episode will have you considering adding this gem to your barnyard.  Raising Rabbits: The Ultimate Livestock… Continue Reading

Mad Meikles Podcast 15 Meat and Butchery Part 1

This episode is the first of two episodes that Heath and Sheane will be doing on meat and butchery. They start off in this episode discussing Memphis Meats a company working on supplying meat grown 100% in the laboratory.–2#/ They then go on to discuss sourcing meat and then finally get into how to go… Continue Reading

Mad Meikles Podcast 12 The Apple Show

It is Fall here in the Mountains and Foothills and that means it is Apple season. In this Episode it is all about the humble and glorious Malus. Sheane and Heath discuss the many uses as well as how it conjures up memories. Get out the napkins to wipe the drool away and sit back and… Continue Reading